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The Trickster King by AaronPaquette The Trickster King by AaronPaquette
This is the first time I've ever tried scanning a piece (rather than taking a photo) and the result really surprised me. Anyway, I'm really happy with it, so I'm adding it to the Print Shop in case anyone wants to get a nice copy.

In fact, I might just order one myself in a few weeks if the original goes right away.

This piece continues my near obsession with a character I call the "Red Raven" based on a Native American myth about how the Raven Stole the Sun. It's my imagining of how the raven felt when the Sun burnt his beautiful white feathers.

In the legend, Raven was once all white, and was the most spectacular of the animals. One day, he sees a child playing with a shiny golden ball (it is the Sun and the child is the grandson of the Old Man -the Creator- who gave it to him to calm his crying. Raven couldn't resist and swept in and stole the bright object and flew off into the sky.

At this point in the world's history, there was only night, with no moon, no sun, just the eternal stars. Previously Raven had nabbed the moon from this same place, and from the same child, and dropped it in the sky.

This time, however, Raven pays for his theft and is scorched to a crisp, all his gorgeous plumage turning midnight black. He drops the Sun in pain and now we have night and day.

Here is where I step in as an artist.

Across cultures, the Raven is a profound character of wisdom, cunning, foolishness, and spirtual portents. I decided to use these ideas to construct a pyschological concept of the Raven who stole the sun, and depicted him in the stages in between his white (spiritual) existence and black (earthly) existence.

He is at the moment in between, hovering between two planes, bridging the gap of earth and sky, physical and spiritual, seen and unseen.

He is the Trickster King.
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ksblue Featured By Owner May 24, 2012  Professional Artist
very nice piece.
HowlingcoyoteNDN Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010
I must respectfully dissagree, I think the Heyoka, is the King of Trickster's XD
SauriaMami Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2008   Photographer
handsome image for such a clever creature....
ksblue Featured By Owner May 24, 2012  Professional Artist
it is a handsome image!
AaronPaquette Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2008  Professional General Artist
DeliriumDesigned Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2007
Simply put, thank you for making this picture which so completely expresses that which has gone unsaid. There are Fools, Clowns, Jesters, and Jokers, but only Tricksters can become Kings. Kudos.
ScytheLust Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
That is...well...amazing. The colours, the textures.
avalanchepark Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2007
great colors - love the stern image of the bird in this dark atmosphere . and the title is a great choice
gibsart Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2007
Great work !
chakrabird Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2007
Amazing colours and mood, it's sinister and surreal.
ErnestAbacus Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
cool. I am impressed by the texture, especially on the moon. The part that I like best is the expression on the... or wait, maybe I like the fading birds in the background...
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